Make an appointment  about prevention (“preventiegesprek”)  with the nurse on a regular basis !

If you take chronic medication or have a certain disease or risk factor (including smoking or being overweight or exercising too little), you may already receive appropriate advice from us.

People live longer (with quality of life not lowered) when they pay attention to some things themselves. It is best that a separate visit to the practice takes place about that. Especially from the age of 60 (and earlier if there are existing risk factors), it is best to have a conversation every 1 or 2 years: “Am I healthy for my age? How can I keep it like this? Which vaccines should I still get?”

Make an appointment  (choose “preventiegesprek”) to talk about that with our nurse. The nurses can also provide you with personal information and the requested vaccines. Meet with them preferably on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

The preventive examinations that we recommend for certain ages:

- bowel cancer screening (in stools): from 50 years of age.
- smear (women) from 25 years on; every 2-3 years, preferably by appointment. It is advisable to do this smear regularly within these deadlines.
- breast examination (women): from the age of 50 or at the start of a pill or in the event of a hereditary disease. 
- cholesterol, blood test: anyone who does not yet know their cholesterol level (from 30-40 years old), if treatment is needed or if there is a risk of cardiovascular disease (for example, body weight, smoking, genes): up to 1x / year (as soon as a target figure has been reached, or more often before).
  -discussion of all your risk factors, "preventive maintenance and examination": recommended each year at a specially organized meeting.


Everyone is entitled to a free vaccine against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (a three-in-one vaccine called Triaxis or Boostrix). They're always in stock in a refrigerator in the office. Do not hesitate to ask.

You can also get vaccines for babies and young people for free, but reserve your vaccine in advance by age.

You will find other recommended vaccines on our page for diagnosis-related information. Influenza vaccine is recommended older than 50 years of age.

Many travel vaccines can be administered with us (you may be asked to buy them at the drug store before coming, with our prescription). To find out what you need per country, visit

There are many vaccines that you can request from your doctor, depending on your age, underlying diseases or risks, any travel...Some are not free and have to be bought at the Apotheek.

Summary: recommended vaccines for everyone over sixty years of age (or younger in case of chronic illness)


Trade name vaccine + Price

How many injections

When to be repeated



Influvac, Alfarix, Vaxigrip (about 4 eur)


1 year

No prescription required from 50 years

Flu high dose

Efluelda (40 eur, less after approval by mutualitei.)


1 year

Possibly useful at 75+


Prevenar 13 en Pneumovax (35 resp.75 eur)

Each trade name 1x ,

2 month or more in between them

5 years, only in case of serious risk factors

Pneumococcus between 65-80  yrs AND risk factors

"Prevenar 20" or "Apexxnar "

110 eur, with remboursement  > 65 y: only 12 eur


5 years, only in case of serious risk factors


Shingrix, 163 €


Not necessary

Also useful for adults under the age of sixty:

Diphtheria-tetanus-whooping cough /Free and in stock at your GP /1/ 10 years/ More than 1 syringe if a long time ago

Covid /Free from GP after specific appointment /1/ 1 year/ Only during certain months. Changeable in epidemics.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) useful at 60 plus, younger at-risk factor and in pregnancy/ Arexvy 206 €, OR Abrysvo 186 € /1 / Recurrence period is still under study (is new) Pregnant: between weeks 24 and 36 of pregnancy (only Abrysvo permitted).

If you are going abroad, it is necessary to inform yourself about the conditions concerning the proof of vaccinations that you need for the countries you visit. Check their websites.

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