Brusselsesteenweg 232
9230 Wetteren
Tel: 09/3699898

Since 2021 you don't need prescriptions for flu vaccines if you are older than 50.

Prescriptions for medication are no longer made on request by phone. Please come to our offices after making an appointment with a doctor.

Doctor on call 

The national number for the general practitioner on-call service is 1733. This number connects you to the local service " Wachtpost Scheldekracht" serving 7 towns (Wetteren-Wichelen-Laarne-Melle-Destelbergen-Merelbeke-Lochristi). The doctor on duty needs your identity card (except in urgencies where it is not possible or for travelers). The permanence of the weekend is organized for the whole region. When you call the on-call doctor during the week, you are put in contact with the on-call services per municipality.

1. On-call service during weekends (from Friday 7 p.m. to Monday 8 a.m.) and public holidays (from the night before at 7 p.m. to the next day at 8 a.m.).

This service is intended for new and urgent health problems after 7 p.m. or during weekends or holidays. 

During the day you can consult the "sitting"  doctor on call at the ASZ Wetteren campus.

You can also go (Friday 7:00 p.m. to Monday 7:00 a.m.) to the Ghent Guard Service, which is a large guard post with the Scheldekracht region:

On-call service for general practitioners at the AZ Sint-Lucas campus in Ghent, Groenebriel 1, Ghent. Phone 1733
On-call service for general practitioners at the UZ Ghent campus: C. Heymanslaan 10, 9000 Ghent. Phone 1733
In general, waiting times in Wetteren, at the ASZ campus, are shorter than in Ghent.

At night there is only a mobile doctor on call, where you can request a home visit.

The three childcare services mentioned above are closed from Monday 07.00 to Friday 19.00. During the week, please call the doctor on call during the week:

2. Doctor on call  (nights during the week, Monday to Thursday) (and during the day Monday-Friday in case of exceptional need)

For all municipalities, the national number of the general practitioner on-call service is 1733.

At this number, you will be put in contact with the doctor on duty in your municipality. If it is not immediately available in your municipality, you can always go to a doctor's office or hospital in another municipality or call 112 for an ambulance.

In Wetteren (9230), the weekly permanence is organized in collaboration with the municipalities of Wetteren and Wichelen (from Monday morning 8 a.m. to Friday evening 7 p.m.). 

Apotheek (drug store) on call

You can find the pharmacy at (enter your postal code and your street).

or call 0903 99 000

Dentist on call

Call 0903 399 69

Suicide prevention calls

National number 1813 (free calls, 24/7)

National poison center

070 245 245 (free calls, 24/7)